You could probably guess why Santa might see the Chiropractor on December 26th. On his big night he’s missing sleep, lifting a sack full of toys again and again, and over-indulging on milk and cookies every chance he gets. Chances increase for an injury when you’re stressed and Christmas can be one of the most stressful days for Santa.

He’s usually in the office the day after Christmas to get help with any injuries he might have suffered. But Santa is also a regular throughout the year. Some of the reasons might surprise you.

Santa’s reasons for Chiropractic

Before symptoms appear, the body may be in a state that predisposes it to disease. A misalignment in the spine can affect the signals to and from the brain. Chiropractors are trained to recognize distortions in posture and motion that indicate this disordered state. Null Chiropractic focuses on posture and the alignment of the top vertebrae in the spine, Atlas.

A properly functioning nervous system has numerous benefits. It controls everything in your body, from your muscles to your immune system. Santa recognizes how important it is to be proactive about health. If he waited till he got sick, he’d be in trouble if it happened on Christmas.

While Santa is exceptionally healthy, he also knows the benefits others may experience from care. Correcting the misalignment of Atlas can have a profound impact on your health, not just relieving pain. Getting checked for these distortions may help with blood pressure, Parkinson disease, multiple sclerosisseizuresheadaches,  and migraines.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Null Chiropractic!

“Don’t wait for a problem to start before you get checked by a chiropractor!” – Santa Claus

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