26 06, 2019

Headaches may be coming from problems in your neck


Most of us are no strangers to headaches. Whether it was from an illness, dehydration, or simply out of the blue, you've likely experienced it in your life. It's estimated that at least half of adults experience at least one headache each year. Migraines, a particularity severe form that manifests in many different ways, affect

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19 06, 2019

Portion control for better health


Most people believe that the obesity epidemic in the United States is because of our increasingly sedentary lifestyle, but a few studies point out that overeating alone can account for America's weight gain. While staying active is important, portion control is another factor that is crucial for health. You may be thinking of growling

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12 06, 2019

Health benefits of fermented foods


Long before our shelves were flooded with probiotic products, humans had been unknowingly enjoying the benefits of microbe-rich fermented foods. Fermentation is one of the oldest forms of food preservation. While early humans didn't know the reasoning behind it, culture and tradition has held them for their medicinal and nutritive properties. The fermentation that produced

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5 06, 2019

Stretching safety for optimal health


Stretching is an important part of any balanced fitness program. Aerobic, strength, and endurance activities tend to be the focus when it comes to fitness, but any activity should include at least one stretch session to improve flexibility. Flexibility benefits the human body in numerous ways. It can help develop body awareness, increase relaxation (mental

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