19 12, 2018

Why does Santa see the Chiropractor?


You could probably guess why Santa might see the Chiropractor on December 26th. On his big night he's missing sleep, lifting a sack full of toys again and again, and over-indulging on milk and cookies every chance he gets. Chances increase for an injury when you're stressed and Christmas can be one of the most

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12 12, 2018

The Numerous Health Benefits of Meditation


The mind has enormous power to influence our health. Upset about something at work? You’ve just increased your blood pressure. Laughing at a good joke? You’ve helped to activate immune cells. Meditation is the practice of focusing the mind, gaining awareness, and acquiring a healthy sense of perspective. Its training to observe your thoughts and

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5 12, 2018

Don’t stress, it’s only the holidays


The definition of holiday is enough to make many of us laugh out loud. A day when no work is done!? Ha! Excuse me, English language, but I've got errands to run, presents to wrap, a house to clean, and a multiples meals to make. This season has to be perfect! Part of the magic

Don’t stress, it’s only the holidays2019-09-02T18:37:05-05:00