30 10, 2019

Halloween Health and Safety


Halloween Health and Safety Spooky, scary costumes and sweet, sweet candy are the calling cards of Halloween. I'm not here to ruin the fun, but provide some health tips in the face of mountains of candy and to point out some overlooked safety concerns. Halloween health and safety is easier than it sounds. Don't

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2 10, 2019

Strength. Stability. Success. Chiropractic’s role in aiding the musculoskeletal system.


October is National Chiropractic Health Month. This year we want to focus on strength and stability of the body. Our musculoskeletal system – comprised of our muscles, bones and joints – plays an important role in helping us get and stay stronger at all stages of life. An who doesn't want to be strong and

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10 04, 2019

The power you have over your health.


When it comes to health care, there is a lot of uncertainty. For starters, the very nature of illnesses can be unpredictable. We've probably all been around someone coughing up a storm and not caught what they had. Other times, it seems like we get sick out of nowhere. For many others, political uncertainty and rising

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19 12, 2018

Why does Santa see the Chiropractor?


You could probably guess why Santa might see the Chiropractor on December 26th. On his big night he's missing sleep, lifting a sack full of toys again and again, and over-indulging on milk and cookies every chance he gets. Chances increase for an injury when you're stressed and Christmas can be one of the most

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28 11, 2018

The secret behind achieving health goals


Achieving something substantial requires setting goals. We even do it naturally without realizing it based on past experiences. Kids, for instance, might start behaving better around the holidays because in the past they were rewarded (or not) based on it. Most children don’t write out how they’re going to do all their chores and homework

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