18 09, 2019

Fall Seasonal Produce


Fall is just around the corner! While we might be misled by the warm September days this year we should be looking forward to the wonderful fall produce that is in store for us. And hopefully, cooler weather. Fall produce is much more than pumpkins in Southeast Kansas. Fresh, green vegetables are abundant throughout

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20 03, 2019

Spring fruits, vegetables, and recipes


Spring is here! Well, hopefully. Southeast Kansas has a way of tricking us. But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy a wider variety of fresh produce than we saw during the winter. Here's the fruits and vegetables you can find in Southeast Kansas during spring and a few recipes to try. Check out our

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9 01, 2019

Winter fruits and vegetables


Winter and the words fruits and vegetables might seem like an odd pair. But, depending on where you're at, there is a variety of produce in season during these chilly months. Southeast Kansas has the benefit of being located near some more southern states. This means easier access to cheaper, winter produce. The winter

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24 10, 2018

It’s not the weather, It’s attitude – #WellnessWednesday


It’s not the weather, It’s attitude. Beep! Beep! The alarm goes off too early on a frigid morning. The sky is overcast and we’re forced out of the comfort of our warm beds to face this dreary weather. “This terrible weather is bringing me down,” we silently curse to the cloudy sky as we muddle

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3 10, 2018

Fall Fruits and Veggies – #WellnessWednesday


Fall Fruits and Veggies With the weather cooling down you might be tempted to throw out the idea of eating in-season produce but fall fruits and vegetables are more than just pumpkins in Southeast Kansas. Green, seasonal vegetables are abundant throughout the Midwest as well as a variety of root vegetables. Pumpkins and a

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