…the Very Definition of Healer…

“For the last ten years I have had debilitating vertigo and a punched out feeling. I couldn’t work and even daily activities were  tough to complete. After the first adjustment there was an immediate improvement with the vertigo. A month into treatment the punch drunk feeling recedes every day.

Treatment by you has given me my life back, you have changed my life without drugs. My wife keeps saying it is a miracle, that you are the very definition of healer. I feel so fortunate to have met you Dr. Null, for you are a healer.”


I Was at the End of my Rope

“God brought you into my life at a time when I had come to the end of my rope. All the other doctors had written me off as a mental case and were no longer offering reasonable solutions to my health problems. You, on the other hand, offered your assistance…hoping to help in some way… Through you, God brought healing to my body.”


I Feel Great

…since seeing you today, I’ve mowed and watered my plants. I feel like a new person! For several days I’ve layed around the house and banged into walls when I got up. I feel great. Wanted to say thanks for working your miracle fingers.


Great Staff!

Thank you for ALL your help through the years when I needed adjustments. You have been more than great and kind to my whole family.



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