30 01, 2019

Emotional wellness is important for health.


How you're feeling can impact more than just your daily activities. Your emotions pay an integral role in your mental and even physical health. If your emotional health is out of balance, you may experience high blood pressure, ulcers, chest pain, or a host of other physical symptoms. But when you're feeling pretty good about yourself, it's much easier to

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23 01, 2019

Getting Enough Vitamin D?


Winter might be a great time to play in the snow, but it's severely lacking in sunshine. Our skin produces vitamin D in response to sunlight. It's a fat soluble vitamin that has numerous functions in the body. It's necessary for a properly functioning immune system and regulating the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. That means

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16 01, 2019

Watch Out for Sugary Drinks


Sugary drinks are a big danger to health. Their rise in consumption is a major contributor to the obesity epidemic. But sugar is hiding in more than just soda. Lemonade, fruit punch, energy drinks, and even sports drinks all have added sugar that can be detrimental to health. Sugar's effect on the body It's no

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9 01, 2019

Winter fruits and vegetables


Winter and the words fruits and vegetables might seem like an odd pair. But, depending on where you're at, there is a variety of produce in season during these chilly months. Southeast Kansas has the benefit of being located near some more southern states. This means easier access to cheaper, winter produce. The winter

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2 01, 2019

New Year, New Ways to Keep your Resolutions


Many look at the new year as a fresh start and seize the opportunity to make some changes in their life. The most common resolutions revolve around health, like eating better and exercising more. But by February, around 80% of people have broken their resolutions. Why are these resolutions so elusive? The answer has less to

New Year, New Ways to Keep your Resolutions2019-09-02T18:37:05-05:00