31 07, 2019

Hugs can benefit your health


I doubt we'd find many people who don't like hugs. There's actually a physiological basis for why we love the experience of hugging. Both giving and receiving hugs have numerous health benefits in addition to the warm fuzzy feeling. Hugs are appropriate in a wide range of situations. They're given for comfort and support but

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24 07, 2019

Do you need to buy organic food?


Most people are unsure when it comes to organic food. We've heard it's healthier, but is that true? And, is it worth the cost? The truth is that it depends on the food. Overall, research shows that organics tend to be richer and have much lower pesticide contamination rates but it can vary widely depending

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16 07, 2019

Summer Fruits and Vegetables


Summer is in full swing. Swimming, backyard BBQs, and countless other outdoor actives fill up our weekends and evenings. But it also means that many fruits and vegetables are in season. From farmers markets to grocery stores, shopping in season can be a strategy for saving money while eating healthy. While it's not surprising,

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10 07, 2019

Create a home garden for homegrown nutrients


Knowing the source of your food is a big concern for many people, but you can bypass the unknown by creating your own garden at home. It may seem like a hard, time consuming task but it's simple to start. There are numerous resources for gardening. Online, books, and even friends and neighbors. But you

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3 07, 2019

Handle Fireworks Safely this 4th of July


American's celebrating Independence Day with food, family, fun, and fireworks (in some form or another) is as old as the founding of these United States. John Adams described it best in a letter to his wife. The Second Day of July 1776, will be the most memorable Epocha, in the History of America.—I am apt

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