29 05, 2019

Working towards a healthier diet


The word diet makes many people think of a regimented plan to restrict a certain food, eat more of another, or has a name like Keto. But a diet shouldn't be a program you try for a month and then return to your old habits. Having a healthier diet is a lifestyle change. The oldest

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18 07, 2018

What is limiting you? – #WellnessWednesday


What is limiting you? Most of us strive to be healthy. Over half of the people in the united states want to live a healthier lifestyle but many fall short. When only about one-third of Americans are at a healthy weight, where’s the disconnect? Why aren’t we living the healthier lives we want? The number

What is limiting you? – #WellnessWednesday2019-09-02T18:37:08-05:00