27 11, 2019

It’s okay to spoil your diet on the holidays


Many worry they will spoil their diet over the holidays. Thanksgiving is definitely an over-indulging holiday due to the cornucopia of sweets, meats, and dishes literally called stuffing. Usually the foods doctors and dietitians are telling us to avoid. So how can we properly enjoy the holidays and stay healthy? The good news is that

It’s okay to spoil your diet on the holidays2019-11-26T17:44:37-05:00
13 11, 2019

Can the weather make you SAD?


Beep! Beep! The alarm goes off too early on a frigid morning. The sky is overcast and we’re forced out of the comfort of our warm beds to face this dreary weather. “This terrible weather must be making me SAD,” we silently curse to the cloudy sky as we muddle through the rest of the

Can the weather make you SAD?2019-11-12T17:51:50-05:00