4 12, 2019

Is it time to start your New Year’s Resolutions?


Nearly a month early may be the perfect time to jump on your New Year's Resolution. It may be tempting to use the new year as a fresh start, but stick with me here. Starting a resolution January 1st has many downfalls. And a cold start to a new habit may be a recipe for

Is it time to start your New Year’s Resolutions?2019-12-04T13:32:04-05:00
13 11, 2019

Can the weather make you SAD?


Beep! Beep! The alarm goes off too early on a frigid morning. The sky is overcast and we’re forced out of the comfort of our warm beds to face this dreary weather. “This terrible weather must be making me SAD,” we silently curse to the cloudy sky as we muddle through the rest of the

Can the weather make you SAD?2019-11-12T17:51:50-05:00
18 09, 2019

Fall Seasonal Produce


Fall is just around the corner! While we might be misled by the warm September days this year we should be looking forward to the wonderful fall produce that is in store for us. And hopefully, cooler weather. Fall produce is much more than pumpkins in Southeast Kansas. Fresh, green vegetables are abundant throughout

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3 04, 2019

Zero calorie energy drinks. How do they measure up?


A few weeks ago I wrote about Bang energy drinks and their health effects. When compared to other energy drinks it had them beat because it had no added sugar. But I was asked an interesting question. How does Bang compare to sugar free varieties of other energy drink companies? We're going to look

Zero calorie energy drinks. How do they measure up?2019-09-02T18:37:02-05:00