14 08, 2019

Summer Sun Hydration


Hydration is important any time of year, but the August sun feels particularly vicious this summer.  This is especially true for those that have to exert themselves in this heat. Whether its for a sport or work, making sure your hydrating is key. Ensuring proper hydration is not as easy as you might think. The

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29 05, 2019

Working towards a healthier diet


The word diet makes many people think of a regimented plan to restrict a certain food, eat more of another, or has a name like Keto. But a diet shouldn't be a program you try for a month and then return to your old habits. Having a healthier diet is a lifestyle change. The oldest

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15 05, 2019

Are you drinking enough water?


Water is vital to life. You won't find many who dispute this. Most people let their thirst dictate their hydration habits, but is it enough? A survey found that on average, Americans drank the recommended 8 glasses a day, but also consumed 4 or 5 dehydrating beverages. Effectively, this leads to chronic, low-level dehydration. Making

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15 08, 2018

Don’t drink too much: hydration for athletes – #WellnessWednessday


Don’t drink too much: hydration for athletes. Ensuring proper hydration for student athletes is not as easy as you might think. The fluids and electrolytes in our bodies are balanced at very specific levels. A change as little as 1% creates physiologic changes that can decrease performance. While most athletes tend towards the side of

Don’t drink too much: hydration for athletes – #WellnessWednessday2019-09-02T18:37:07-05:00