24 04, 2019

Your microbes, your gut, your health


The microbes, aka bacteria, in your gut have been getting a lot of press lately. Dysbiosis, imbalance of good/bad bacteria in the intestines, is implicated in depression, cancer, and even eating disorders. Yeah, the microbes in your gut are influencing your appetite. The brain is being influenced by your intestinal flora in everything from anorexia

Your microbes, your gut, your health2019-09-02T18:37:02-05:00
17 04, 2019

Good nutrition is important at every age.


The phrase "good nutrition" usually conjures up thoughts of losing weight by eating healthy. Its because eating more vegetables usually lowers the amount of calories you're consuming. But you can lower your calories, eat junk food, and still lose weight as demonstrated by a K-State professor who lost 27 pounds in 10 weeks. So why

Good nutrition is important at every age.2019-09-02T18:37:02-05:00
30 01, 2019

Emotional wellness is important for health.


How you're feeling can impact more than just your daily activities. Your emotions pay an integral role in your mental and even physical health. If your emotional health is out of balance, you may experience high blood pressure, ulcers, chest pain, or a host of other physical symptoms. But when you're feeling pretty good about yourself, it's much easier to

Emotional wellness is important for health.2019-09-02T18:37:04-05:00