30 10, 2019

Halloween Health and Safety


Halloween Health and Safety Spooky, scary costumes and sweet, sweet candy are the calling cards of Halloween. I'm not here to ruin the fun, but provide some health tips in the face of mountains of candy and to point out some overlooked safety concerns. Halloween health and safety is easier than it sounds. Don't

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31 10, 2018

Stay safe this Halloween! – #WellnessWednesday


Stay safe this Halloween! Happy Halloween everyone! I won’t ruin this post with talks about sugar or making Halloween healthy (but feel free to read the other posts about those topics). I want to address some ways to help keep trick-or-treating safe and dispel some myths that might distract you from the real issues. Needles,

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17 10, 2018

Happy, Healthy Halloween – #WellnessWednesday


Happy, Healthy Halloween Candy, sweets, and treats are the name of the game for Halloween (not to mention carnivals with lots of fried foods and sweets if you’re around Independence, Kansas for Neewollah). Having a healthy Halloween without ruining all the fun might seem like an impossible task but you can still enjoy this

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